Saratoga Invitational

Race Results

This annual international event is by invitational only based on times in prior races. Aside from the vast pool of teams participating, this event allows us to take a pulse of our standings amongst NYS teams prior to the NY State Championships scheduled for May. Saratoga Rowing Association, the sponsors of the event, have posted the results for each of the three days,

Race Recording Time Place Coxswain Recap
Men's Varsity Senior 8+, 1500m 05:02:13 As a team we had practiced only once prior to entry in this event. Our time and place were reflective of our lack of practice. A primary reason for our poor results was rush in the boat.
Men's Varsity Senior 4+, 1500m 05:31:92 3rd in heat / 14th out 28 overall Although we placed 14th overall, we were happy with our place in our heat and the fact that we had the best time for any NYS boat. Based on the high stroke rating (32 base) and consistent power, the team felt this was one of our best performances to date.
Men's Varsity Senior 4+ Non-Champs, 1500m 05:26:20 3rd in heat / 3rd of 10 overall While we were unable to overtake the second place boat, we were neck to neck for the last 250 of the race. While I was using power tens to take, in hindsight I should have started my sprint earlier and I know the guys could of handled it.

Disclaimer: All times are derived from official event postings. Any justification for discrepancies between recording times and posted finish times is beyond the scope of this student portfolio.