Triangular Regatta

Race Results

The annual Triangular Regatta, which was first contested in 1950, was held on 4 May 2013 on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie. Our varsity 4+ boat captured the gold medal.

Race Recording Time Place Coxswain Recap
Men's Varsity Senior 8+, 1500m 04:33:31 5th Although this boat had never rowed together before and was experimenting with a new stroke seat, we were able to pull ahead of Rhinebeck to avoid a last place finish. At my coxswain seat I was even with their three seat for most of the race. During their sprint, we pulled ahead to make me even with their bow number. While we were upset with the set of the boat, we were happy with the effectness of our sprint and finished with an impressive time due to the aid of the river current.
Men's Varsity Senior 4+, 1500m 05:26:05 Gold For this senior four race, my boat decided to experiment with a new race plan. To improve our "middle piece" or the time between our start and sprint, we added a drill called "stair-casing" instead of our usual high 20 piece. During the recording you will hear me call 3 high sevens and 3 low sevens. The first stair-case was at timeslot 01:45. This strategy is intended to trick the teams around us by causing them to start their high 20 when they see us pulling ahead during our first high seven. However, they don't know that we will drop back down to our base for seven strokes while they continue their middle piece and by the time they finish their 20 strokes, we are taking off again with another high seven. We are very happy with the way our new strategy worked, and in the end we finished 20 seconds ahead of the nearest boat.

Disclaimer: All times are derived from official event postings. Any justification for discrepancies between recording times and posted finish times is beyond the scope of this student portfolio.