WAR Regatta

Race Results

The annual Wappingers-Arlington-Rhinebeck league race was held on Sat 20 April 2013. I served as coxswain for the senior and junior boys 4-boats.

Race Recording Time Place Coxswain Recap
Men's Varsity Senior 4+, 1500m 05:48:00 Gold Wappingers beats Suffern and six other regional teams with a final sprint for first place. We were neck and neck until I called our 2 up 2s for 10 sprint at the final 250 mark.
Men's Varsity Junior 4+, 1500m Silver Wappingers Junior 4 takes 2nd place in our first race as a team.

Disclaimer: All times are derived from official event postings. Any justification for discrepancies between recording times and posted finish times is beyond the scope of this student portfolio.