Youth Leadership Foundation


Since my freshman year in high school I have had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Leadership Program. This leadership development program is sponsored by The Chamber Foundation, Inc., a non-profit educational organization of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Beyond the social, organizational and problem solving skills that I have obtained in this program, it has provided me with a broader view of life beyond high school.

Along with learning the essentials of business ownership, the program offers me information and guidance on resume building, college planning and job interviews. In addition, the program encourages us to get involved in the community by providing us with volunteer opportunities, internships, and fundraisers. By the end of this program, I will be given the tools to be confident in future life skills while also being taught to participate as a well rounded member of my community.

Youth Leadership Foundation
Activity Description Role Dates Organization
Be Entrepreneurial Started our own entrepreneurial venture, called "Help to Originate", which sold insulated drinking thermoses to raise funds for stock holders and charity. By selling at multiple events and advertising our product, we were able to return a 50% profit to stockholders while also donating 14% of our net profit to the local Saint Francis Hospital's Military Wellness Center. This program emphasized the importance of giving back to our community and with our outstanding sales we were able to contribute to a great cause. Marketing Team 2012-2013 School Year Junior Achievement Company Program
Internship Performed voluntary community service to aid a local non-profit organization that enables people with developmental disabilities to realize their human potentials and become valued citizens within their communities. I worked on a fund raising golf event whereby my activities included writing and sending letters to donators, organizing files and designing invitations for the event. Event Communications Spring 2013 New Horizons Resources, Inc.
Radio Show Guest Interviewee for a radio talk show focused on local community programs and services. My role was to help promote the Youth Leadership Program for future students by offering commentary on my participation in the program. I also recorded a Youth Leadership Program Advertisement. I was chosen because of my many years of experience with youth leadership and my role in the marketing department for our Junior Achievement Company Program. Spokesperson Spring 2013 Chamber Radio Chamber Chatter
Online College Course Marist College not only hosts our youth leadership meetings but is also grants special access to high school juniors and seniors participating in the program to take online classes through the college. This year as a junior I was able to take advantage of this opportunity and completed a Philosophy class. I was also able to experience an online course and the benefits of being able to complete my assignments from any location and at my own pace. This peek into the college academic experience was a great opportunity for me. Student Winter 2013 Marist College
Interact Club My participation has included the collecting and disposing of recyclable waste on our school campus as well as working food drives for Hurricane Sandy victims. Club Member Fall 2012 - Present John Jay's Interact Club